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just cause 4 gameplay . agen sbobet terpercaya Elite Financial Services is committed to helping you live a debt free life.  Through our debt settlement program, we have helped thousands of consumers effectively eliminate their unsecured debts in as little as 12-36 months!  Our Program Advisors and Client Service Representatives have the knowledge and experience to negotiate with your creditors to settle your debts quickly and efficiently.  Elite Financial Services has helped many Americans achieve their goals of living a debt free life and we can help you too!

Why Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is a form of debt relief that is designed to reduce your total unsecured debt while making one affordable monthly payment.  Most consumers who choose debt settlement have experienced some form of financial hardship (ex. job loss, health problems, divorce, etc.) that has left them unable, but not unwilling, to make their minimum creditor payments.  For many people, debt settlement is a more beneficial debt reduction method than credit counseling, debt consolidation loans, or bankruptcy.  Debt settlement is a great way to help people having a hard time with debts such as credit cards, medical bill, retail cards, personal loans and collection accounts.  After completing a debt settlement program, consumers are able to improve their debt-to-income ratio and have more control over their financial future.  Typical debt settlement programs will save you money in the short term by lowering your monthly payments but the greatest benefit is truly long term - living a debt free life!

Why Elite Financial Services?

Our professionally trained staff will help eliminate the stress and confusion often associated with being thousands of dollars in debt.  Our goal is to help you regain control of your financial future through the elimination of your debts.  Elite Financial Services is so confident that we can successfully settle your debts that we will not charge you a fee until settlements are reached.  That means you pay nothing unless we settle your debts!

As a client of our debt settlement program, we will:

  • Set up an affordable monthly payment
  • Help you put a stop to harassing creditor contact
  • Negotiate with your creditors to lower the unsecured debt you have
  • Always be available to answer any questions you have during your program
  • Provide you bi-weekly updates on the status of your program